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Elevate your returns strategy and process

Seamlessly integrate with Shopify to automatically analyze and action untapped returns data.

Trusted by leading e-commerce managers at apparel and footwear companies 

Some of the main reasons include.

Returns are complex and hard to keep in check

Returns problem

Being in the blind without actionable return reason insights

Your returns process is manual or not properly focused on collecting return reason data, making you miss crucial customer feedback.

Marketing campaign quality diluted from return orders 

Ignoring customer returns data in your marketing segmentation drain sales quality and is a missed opportunity for enriched personalisation.

Hard to reflect size and fit dynamics on your product pages

Legacy measurement tables and model information offer limited guidance to help your shoppers find the right size and fit.

Difficult and time-consuming to analyze returns data

You have no overview of your returns and are manually analysing data, so you end up without insights and base decisions on gut feeling. 

Data-driven solutions proven by data-backed results

Industry-leading Shopify merchants use our intelligence software to reduce return rates and automate manual work.

22% return rate reduction from PDP size guidance

Saks Potts updated PDP size guidance and reduced returns by 22% on average across hero styles.

16% return rate reduction across entire e-com store

Scandinavian Edition reduced their return rate by 16% by identifying key areas of improvement across their SKUs. 

Win-back e-mail flow re-converted 4% of return orders

Scandinavian Edition used Float's Klaviyo integration to build win-back flows for non-exchanged return orders.

Ready to get started?

Reduce returns and improve margins. 

Fixing returns

We provide return insights and automations to reduce returns

Highlighed use cases below.


Monitor your returns data and get automated insights

Our algorithms analyse your returns data, provides actionable insights and monitor for areas needing attention.

We reduce complexity and empower data-driven decision making.

Analytics and insights

Data tables and export

API access


Automate your returns process and capture data on return reasons

Our return portal automates registration and collect return reasons.

We minimize manual time spent handling returns and help you understand why products are being returned.

Digital returns portal

Data capturing


Automatically share fit trends on your product pages

Our algorithms detect size and fit trends to guide your customers on size.


We reduce the need for manual PDP updates, increase conversion, while reducing return rates. 

PDP size flag automation

Webhook access


Enrich marketing segmentation with returns data

Our integrations synchronize returns data to your e-mail marketing system to improve segmentation and personalisation.

We help you reduce impact from uprofitable serial returners and win back returns to increase performance.

Marketing data enrichment

Klaviyo integration

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