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Returns focussed analytics software with automated insights

Empowering Shopify fashion brands to ditch manual returns analysis, understand customer return patterns and how to reduce return rates.

Ready to become a returns expert and improve customer experience?

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Trusted by growing and leading e-commerce brands

How it works

How it works

Float is an analytics platform helping you understand your return orders, customer behavioural trends and turn your data into actionable solutions.

An automated overview of your returns data

Tired of not knowing what's going on or simply wasting your time trying to manually analyse data extracts?

We provide everything you need in an easy-to-read format. 

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Customer behaviour analysis and insights into why returns happen

Curious about your customers buy, return and exchange habits? Serial returners vs loyal champions? Wondering why customers make returns?

Our algorithms analyse return patterns, understand product performance, and provide you with the insights you need to become a returns expert.

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Insights, monitoring and alarms to reduce returns

E-commerce might be one of the busiest jobs we've ever come across, requiring you to handle so many different disciplenes.

We've built automated insights, monitoring solutions and alarms, so you only have to focus on returns when absolutely necessary.

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Why leading brands partner with Float

"Guiding our shoppers towards the right size is a huge part of providing good customer experience.


Float provides unique insights allowing us to do exactly that.

They are critical for anyone who wants to understand their returns and reduce them!"

Josefine Laigaard


Saks Potts

“Float has given us a fantastic overview of our returns, metrics to track. And a better understanding of our customers and how our styles fit.

Based on their insights we have developed a clear strategy to reduce returns."

Jørgen Dahlen

Digital Content Manager

Scandinavian Edition

“These guys are amazing. I love their tool! We have identified a key opportunity to increase sales retention and re-convert lost sales from returns.

Float really helped us decide on a course of action."

Birgitte Kongsted

Head of E-commerce

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen

"I really enjoy working in the Float dashboard.


The overview is extremely simple to navigate, the insights are detailed and it even automates and gives me suggestions for things such as size guidance updates for our product pages"

Freja Lange

Customer Service & Marketing

Scandinavian Edition

“We just launched with Float and instantly they provided us with a lot of detailed insights. They have provided all the data we need to start reducing returns.


We especially love their insights on style fit and customer behavior."

Michaela Ritsing

Process Optimization Specialist

Dea Kudibal

"We have bi-weekly meetings and reports with our CEO and status of returns are often a large part of the discussions.  We don't really have any overview, so it is a lot of guessing what was going on..."

Maise Lützhøft Nielsen

Head of E-commerce

Saks Potts

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