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Scandinavian Edition re-converted 4% of lost sales from return orders

Learn how Scandinavian Edition used Float's Klaviyo integration to generate win back campaigns and target first time customers that ended up returning their orders.


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Use cases

Return focused win back e-mail marketing campaigns

Klaviyo integration

“Thinking about our bottom line and marketing spend, it is clear that new shoppers that end up returning their purchases, are bad for business.

It made total sense to work with Float on targeting win back of these customers and we're happy with results so far. We will continue to work on the structures and automation of our flows."

Jørgen Dahlen

Digital Content Manager

Scandinavian Edition


4% re-converted sales from previous return orders

About Scandinavian Edition

Scandinavian Edition was founded in 2010 to create an alternative to the traditional wool coat. First, 100 jackets were made for friends and family to see if they could pull it off.  From those humble beginnings, they have grown into a global jacket brand, shipping jackets all over the globe - from Taiwan to New York.


After partnering with Float, Scandinavian Edition got insight into their exchange rate (number of returns being followed by a re-order for a different size or colour). Based on relevant benchmarks and guidance from Float, the team saw potential to boost their exchanges.


Float provided unique data on their customer's return behaviour, allowing Scandinavian Edition to build proper flows and campaigns in Klaviyo to win back lost sales.


Float's data model and Klaviyo integration supports manual campaign building and data enrichment through custom properties and tags.

Scandinavian Edition re-converted roughly 4% of all customers targeted.


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