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Scandinavian Edition
Scandinavian Edition: 16% return rate reduction from return insights and size flags

Scandinavian Edition reduced their overall return rate by 16% by identifying key areas of improvement across their SKUs. 

About Scandinavian Edition

Scandinavian Edition was founded in 2010 to create an alternative to the traditional wool coat. First, 100 jackets were made for friends and family to see if they could pull it off.  From those humble beginnings, they have grown into a global jacket brand, shipping jackets all over the globe - from Taiwan to New York.


Scandinavian Edition relied on Shopify to gain an understanding and overview of their returns, but found it to be far from sufficient. As they were experiencing rapid growth, they were concerned that returns would impact their ability to scale.


They attempted to extract data from the returns report in Shopify, but found the process to be cumbersome and the exercise to be manual and time-consuming.


After partnering with Float, Scandinavian Edition gained a comprehensive overview of their returns situation and gained insights into styles with oversized returns and fit insights on style level.


They also examined recent developments and identified key areas of focus for the future.

"The overview is extremely simple to navigate, the insights are detailed and it even automates and gives me suggestions for things such as size guidance updates for our product pages."

Freja Lange

E-commerce manager


The team quickly figured out the key buying and returning patterns of customers, which gave them valuable insights into how different styles fit.

They noticed that some styles had a lot of people returning them to exchange for a larger size, while for other styles, the opposite was true.

Working together with Float, Scandinavian Edition wasted no time in revamping their product descriptions. They added a special section called "size and fit" that provided helpful guidance. They used the insights from Float to include style-specific tidbits like "previous shoppers have successfully gone for a smaller size with this style, so if you're unsure, we recommend doing the same."

In the following months, Scandinavian Edition managed to reduce overall returns for their online business by 18%, and for certain styles, they achieved a whopping 35% reduction.

“Float has given us a fantastic overview of our returns, metrics to track. And a better understanding of our customers and how our styles fit. Based on their insights we have developed a clear strategy to reduce returns."​

Jørgen Dahlen

Head of E-commerce

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