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Saks Potts
Saks Potts: 22% return rate reduction from return insights and PDP size and fit guidance

Saks Potts used our automed PDP size guidance to reduce returns by 22% on average across their hero styles.

About Saks Potts

Saks Potts is a Copenhagen-based womenswear brand, established by Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks. With more than 200,000 Instagram followers, their line of womenswear has been worn by stars like Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Their clothes are sold across 15 countries.


Saks Potts faced challenges in organizing their data to gain a better overview and understanding of their returns. They relied on Shopify analytics for assistance but found the sorting functionality limited and struggled to navigate and gain clear insights.

They where also missing return reasons and an understanding of why their customers where returning.

"We have bi-weekly meetings and reports with our CEO and status of returns are often a large part of the discussion. We don't really have any overview, so it is a lot of guessing what was going on... Especially in terms of why customers return and how our styles fit."

Maise Lützhøft Nielsen

Head of E-commerce


Over the following months, returns where reduced down 20% for all styles with a size flag and number of size bracketing returns was reduced with 32%.

"Guiding our shoppers towards the right size is a huge part of providing good customer experience. Float provides unique insights allowing us to do exactly that. They are critical for anyone who wants to understand their returns and reduce them!"​

Josefine Laigaard


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